Tuesday, 4 March 2014

DIY Tools: What You Need In Cleaning Your Ducts

Cleaner air ducts means you and your family can breath easier and live healthier.
However, not everyone owns a high-powered vacuum system to eliminate dust buildup lurking around the ducts. Here are some of the things you need to clear your air ducts up from various dirt accumulation:

Heavy-duty gloves
Remember to use heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from potential contaminants that may irritate your skin.

A screwdriver can help you remove screws that bond and hold the air duct covers in place.

Vacuum cleaner
Use a vacuum cleaner with an attached hose to reach down to sweep up the dust that accumulated in the blower compartment and the return-air boot

Cleaning brush
The sucking force of the vacuum cleaner may be too strong and may damage the walls, so go for a stiff bristle brush to wipe out any dirt or debris on the sides.

Rags or paper towels
These will be used to cover up the supply air registers or the return-air grille plates to keep the dust down while you do your work. These can also help you brush off the remainder of dust particles which fall off from the ducts.

If you want your complete duct system spic-and-span, it's better to consult a professional duct cleaning company which uses appropriate equipment to effectively extract heaps of dirt and debris.