Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Some Things You Don't Want in Your Ducts

Even though Alberta has one of the best climates in Canada, the combination of heat from summers and moisture from rain and snow still make the province a hotbed for harmful microbes and bacteria indoors. These things usually accumulate in the ducts and vents of HVAC systems, which is why various cleaning companies regard duct cleaning as one of their primary services. These microbes and bacteria vary in terms of the damage they can cause and the means by which they disperse throughout the household.

For example, airborne fungi like Cladosporium and Micromonospora faeni rely on the inflows of air ducts so that they can spread, causing a variety of respiratory ailments and allergic reactions to people. On the other hand, pollutants like tobacco smoke don’t need to use the duct network to disperse, although this makes their travel a lot easier. Pollutants can cause respiratory ailments and allergies as well, although they can cause other diseases like dyspnea.

Meanwhile, some household items leave behind particulates in the vents which are not necessarily harmful, although they can still cause complications in some people. Scents, hair sprays, dry-cleaning formulas, glues, liquid adhesives, and the like are known to cause nausea and vomiting in people with weak immune systems. Since they tend to linger just like biological and chemical pollutants, household particulates can only be removed with a thorough duct cleaning work.

Boost the Burn: Benefits of Furnace Cleaning

Furnaces are a requisite during extremely cold temperatures, and the current winter season is no exception. While a household tends to stick with a single furnace for a very long time, the machine can eventually fall into disrepair. Without proper upkeep, the performance of a heating system can slowly dip until the appliance eventually breaks down for good.

There are ways to prolong the useful life of a heater, such as cleaning the device and its ducts. Although they appear harmless, dust and other particulates can severely affect furnace performance by clogging up the filters. Blocked-up filters, in turn, will force the furnace to expend more fuel or energy to maintain the settings specified by the homeowner. If it seems like a furnace isn’t as warm as usual, householders should try cleaning their systems to restore its quality.

Cleaning a furnace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; it’s an extremely filthy and hazardous job. Aside from dust and grime, nasty filth and litter from vermin could end up stuck in the filters, as well as toxic molds. Those unwilling to risk exposure to these unsavory elements should hire a professional furnace cleaning service to accomplish the deed. Not only will these experts save homeowners from having to handle the dirty job, they’ll also ensure that every inch of the heating system is dirt-free.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Let the Experts in Furnace Repair in Calgary Solve Your Heating Woes

The plight of the said tenants highlights the need for the early repairs of heating units when they break down, and the best way to do this is to call upon Calgary furnace repair experts, like the West Canadian Furnace Company. Condo tenants or owners may be tempted to fix the systems on their own to save on repair costs. However, without the right skills and knowledge, DIYers may only worsen the problem with a botched job. DIY repair jobs are typically easier for gas furnace systems than radiant heating units. However, some repair needs, such as fixing a faulty connection with the gas line, may be dangerous for an amateur. Additionally, the causes of other damages may only be properly diagnosed if the furnace is taken apart – a task that is best left for the experts to do.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Cleaner, Warmer: Boosting Heating with Furnace Cleaning in Calgary

In many cases, insufficient heating is caused by something as simple as a dirty furnace filter, or dirty furnace parts. Homeowners are encouraged to regularly clean furnace filters as part of the system’s maintenance, but are also highly advised to have a Calgary furnace cleaning company perform a thorough service before winter comes. Professionals can not only do a more complete job, but also get to other parts that may be difficult for amateurs to access, such as the blower and the motor. Aside from performance issues, another good reason to keep furnaces clean is to safeguard the health of residents. Particulates that collect in the air ducts can cause respiratory complications if inhaled, and it takes a professional to perform thorough duct cleaning in Calgary. Contractors such as the Western Canadian Furnace Company can scour even the smallest ducts and nooks using their specialized equipment.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Clean Ducts Improve System Efficiency

Dust and other particles that build up inside air ducts can affect the performance of the heating system. Newly constructed homes, recent renovations or remodelling projects, and poorly installed ducts are among the major causes of dust and debris buildup inside air ducts. This is because there are more particles floating around that gets sucked through the return duct and stays within the system.

Another good reason to clean the ducts is when leaks or flood and water has penetrated the duct system. Moisture promote moulds, and mould growth inside homes pose health risks, especially to those who are allergic to the fungi.

While there have been no conclusive evidence to support that health problems can be eliminated by having clean ducts, it is still recommended to have duct cleaning from time to time. Having the system cleaned of dust and other particles can improve the system's performance, allowing homeowners to save on energy costs.

Excessive buildup of dust and debris can clog the duct system and blocking air flow into an area in the house. If the air ducts are also blowing out particles, then it's a sign that the system has to be cleaned. Reputable companies should also be hired to clean the ducts to ensure a thorough job.

Important Reminders Before Cleaning Your Furnace

Furnace cleaning can be very difficult if you don't know how to take the machine apart and put it back together. It's not enough that you simply dust off all the dirt and grime from the furnace to really clean it. You have to make sure that every crevice and corner receives the same treatment. Typically, the parts of the furnace that need cleaning are filter, blower, and fan assembly.
The filter is arguably the most important since this is the one that leaves a huge impact on your health. All that warm air that you've been basking in may have harmful microbes all this time! Fortunately, it's not that hard to find since it is usually located near the vent of the furnace. Experts recommend cleaning this part of the furnace at least once a month and completely replacing it once a year. You'll need to hold the filter against the light to see if it's free of any particulates because even the smallest grain of dirt can give you a lot of trouble.
You can access the blower assembly by simply removing the panel that houses its main machinery. On the other hand, you may need to remove the fan from the fan assembly itself when you clean it. As these areas are also lined with circuits and wires, don't forget to unplug your furnace before you clean them!