Monday, 18 November 2013

Clean Ducts Improve System Efficiency

Dust and other particles that build up inside air ducts can affect the performance of the heating system. Newly constructed homes, recent renovations or remodelling projects, and poorly installed ducts are among the major causes of dust and debris buildup inside air ducts. This is because there are more particles floating around that gets sucked through the return duct and stays within the system.

Another good reason to clean the ducts is when leaks or flood and water has penetrated the duct system. Moisture promote moulds, and mould growth inside homes pose health risks, especially to those who are allergic to the fungi.

While there have been no conclusive evidence to support that health problems can be eliminated by having clean ducts, it is still recommended to have duct cleaning from time to time. Having the system cleaned of dust and other particles can improve the system's performance, allowing homeowners to save on energy costs.

Excessive buildup of dust and debris can clog the duct system and blocking air flow into an area in the house. If the air ducts are also blowing out particles, then it's a sign that the system has to be cleaned. Reputable companies should also be hired to clean the ducts to ensure a thorough job.


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  2. Duct Cleaning is necessary for the good health. The cleaning of the ducts of the heating and the cooling systems should be carried out at the regular intervals. This will increase the efficiency as well as the lifespan of the HVAC units. The duct cleaning stops the growth of the fungus.

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